More-Mag 2L


More-Mag® is the simple solution to magnesium deficiency for horses of all disciplines, including racing. Australian pastures are often magnesium deficient and exercise compounds the issue by further depleting magnesium levels. More-Mag® provides an easy,ready to use solution - just pour the dose on the feed and the job is done!

More-Mag® contains magnesium pidolate which is why it last for longer than traditional forms of magnesium. One More-Mag® dose poured on to the feed will last for up to 10 days. Once More-Mag® is fed to your horse, the full amount of magnesium is available right away. This means there is no need to build up to the appropriate dose rate over a period of days. In addition, if you or your horse become sick or injured, you can cut the dose immediately and reintroduce it when your horse has returned to work.

RRP: $119.90

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